Two years ago, I decided to write a memoir. Being dyslexic was something that I struggled with my whole life, but I always remained positive and found a way to get by. I hoped that my stories could inspire others to overcome their struggles, whether it be dyslexia or something else. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” was my attitude, and that applied to writing this book, too.
I spent a good portion of my free time over the last two years on the back porch with my iPad. What I didn’t tell anyone was that I was writing my memoir with the help of Siri and spell check. 
When I felt that I had my stories gathered together, I knew that I was going to need help organizing them. I researched ghost writers until I found Ruby Peru. She and I hit it off, and I knew she would be able to sort out what I had written. We spoke several times a week and texted and emailed every day over the course of a few months. Ruby took all of my stories and made them into a cohesive manuscript. 
My personal deadline for my book’s completion was December 25, 2018.  With a few bumps along the way I had my books in-hand on December 24th–  one day early!
My family knew I had issues reading and writing. In fact, I didn’t learn to read and write until I was in my 50s. Their reactions on Christmas morning were priceless. There was a lot of disbelief, but my wife, Jodie, was the best. “If you could write a book, what else are you hiding from me?!”
It delighted me to share “Business Cards & Shoe Leather” with my family, and I look forward to the official release on March 7th. 
– Larry