I was fortunate enough to meet Larry Vaughn in the fall of 2005.  I was a young professional looking to make an impact in a new job and Larry was a successful business owner willing to lend an ear and a helping hand.  He offers friends and family a rare combination of honesty and wisdom, all while encouraging them to define their own path to success.  This passion is evidenced through his work with fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations alike, seamlessly pulling together ideas and methods together to create a bold vision for their respective futures.  He is someone that I can trust and who’s feedback and insight is genuinely appreciated.  Taking on the new challenge of becoming a published writer is no surprise, Larry is always up for a challenge.  What’s perhaps most exciting is to learn how his works will make an impact and effect change with the readers.  If they are anything like me, I know the impact will be felt for years and years to come.


I’ve had the good fortune to work with many leaders of various backgrounds and styles throughout my career- but few like Larry Vaughn.  I have worked side-by-side with Larry to create new organizations, as well as revamp and reinvigorate existing organizations seeking to increase their relevance.  But Larry has also served as a mentor to be in both personal and professional aspects of my life.  Leaders like Larry that have a seemingly unbounded patience and empathy, as well as vision to see past immediate challenges to identify opportunity, are a rare breed.  His ability to do so with a unique humor and unwavering optimism makes him truly special.  I’m excited he has taken the time to share his leadership with others through this book.


Larry has had the most positive impact on my life both professionally and personally. He had mentored me for over a decade. Now, as Managing Director of a major entrepreneurial hub in Houston, The Cannon, I get to hire him to speak and contribute his years of experience for generations well after me. He bridges the information gap to teach entrepreneurs and business owners the fundamentals of developing lifelong business relationships and that’s a rare skill. 


In 23 years at Hewlett Packard and working with the Digital Solutions Cooperative I can honestly say I have never met anyone like Larry Vaughn. Larry’s personality is as big as Texas. He is warm and caring, humble, encouraging and makes everyone welcome. His southern charm resonates on stage and the audience is captivated by his honestly, humor and personal candor. His openness and vulnerability allows attendees to open up and participate in group discussions and activities.   Larry has always taken on the tough subjects in a way that is refreshing and memorable to attendees. 


GSM had a series of Coffee Talk sessions. Mr. Larry Vaughn was one of the speakers that we showcased. He spoke about the ever changing print industry. He was very knowledgeable, speaking concisely about his topic. He was very easy to follow, keeping the audience entertained throughout the hour. His speech was very well received and provided insight into the print industry.